110 houses

blc wht row of housesSo tonight I thought I would write about myself a bit. I have an interesting fact about myself that isn’t quite unique to just me but in my circle it is, their aren’t many people who have lived in as many places as I have. When I was growing up I wasn’t a military kid at all…Quite the opposite actually, my mother was a hippie and a very bad mate chooser! She really would go out and find the worst guy she could and she would be in love…My childhood moving badge came from the fact that she would break up, or get evicted or get beat up so we would have to move a lot…I have lived in around 110 houses at last count…and I am not even 40!

I know she never meant for it to be that way but it was, I lived all up and down the west coast and over into Az and Colorado. Spent a lot of time in San Diego as a child and young adult…Then I found Washington state and had not been since childhood..I was born on Bainbridge Island but left by 2 so i didn’t remember it at all. And I am never leaving, I love it here so much! Living in so many places has taught me a lot about what is important…Having my house burn down once taught me even more…But I guess I am grateful for all the experiences and stories I have from childhood… Grateful I lived at all!! My mom was a little too free spirited for my liking, now looking back, since I am a mother now I realize that they took a lot of chances with us that I am not willing to make with my kids, but since I turned out alright I try to relax a little about what is important…I still don’t have a house of my own but we are trying so hard to make sure our kids have a place that is always HOME, I didn’t have that and I still don’t…No where to go but my own place, I left when I was 16 and never went back..No where to go back to by the time I was 22 my Mom had nothing, she quit working and was on drugs, after she got sober she never worked again either due to some injuries I guess…Just don’t want to give up on giving my kids what they need even if I do have a tumor in my back and I broke it, I try to make money doing things to help them..And help my hard- working, amazing husband….So i am hopeful that one day the number of houses that I live in will stop growing and never change..I want security and I want my kids and grandkids to have somewhere to always go , no matter what…Don’t we ALL deserve that??? Good night my friends..Hope to hear some more feed back, I love hearing from you all! ~D


Why A Blog and Not facebook

Hello to the bloggers of the world, and blog readers….I wanted to start this blog on a public site that was not FB.  I am not even sure if they really had it on there but I have found that surprisingly many so called “close friends” run the other way when something of depth comes across there feed…They avoid you like the plague when something happens and you might actually need help from them. I think this is a terrible attitude and I don’t understand it. I do not avoid those in need and I just can’t believe that everyone in the world is like that, even though the popular thing seems to be that and FB does also seem to have just about everyone on it…So what does that say about us as a nation really?? We only want the fluff, the bathroom humor, the dirty Meme’s and crude jokes and pics because they get the Most reactions…Maybe we like a wounded soldiers picture, a cute baby of a friend…Still we avoid the meat and potatoes and frankly I can’t live like that anymore..This blog is my desperate plea to the world to start caring again! Make connections, take chances..Step outside of your comfort zone and find out how someone is who hasn’t been around..Here’s a thought, show up at their door without a text first, send them a real letter in the mail ( remember those?) and really just see how they are….I feel like I am screaming into an empty room over there on those social networking sites..They are not that anymore, they are just gossip bins for people to dump and I think that the groups I belong to are the only reason I stay sometimes…Small concentrated groups of like minded people that really connect…I hope this blog reaches people who are ready like me to start making people accountable, say what needs to be said, in a loving way and make real friends and learn from each other..I really believe thats why we are put here in the first place…It is time to start Rockin’ Boats…Who’s with me??????